All parts of the machine is made of AISI 304 Cr-Ni Stainless Steel.
Operates with NG (Naturel Gas) or LPG (Liquid Petrolum Gas).
MELTEM ® burners are used.
Safety System gas valves cut off the gas automatically when the burners go out.
The burners can be controlled seperately
Protective wires are made of AISI 310 Cr-Ni (heat-resisting) quality stainless steel, and they are durable.
Low-cost cooking
Ensures fast, quality and economic cooking
Easy to perform end of day cleaning.

Technical Specifications
A-Width Cm 156 156
B-Depth Cm 66 66
C-Height Cm 132 168
Max. Quantity of Lamb Pcs 2 3
Gas Inlet Inch 3/4"
Electric Lolet V 230 V AC 50 Hz (115 V AC 60 Hz)
Type of Burner   MELTEM R-11
Burner Ad 4 6
Net Weight Kg 160 180
Power Kw 22 34